I’ve come full circle on the North Shore mountains. It’s funny; when I lived in the UK I would have given my eye teeth to have a Grouse or Seymour within an hour’s drive. But with Whistler only an hour further on, I’ve done comparatively little skiing on the North Shore over the past few seasons.

Grouse’s Y2Play pass, however, was just too good a deal to pass up. $359 for unlimited skiing this season and next, plus a free ticket for a friend. I’ve already used my pass four times since I bought it two weeks ago. On Sunday J had to finish up a project in the morning, so I headed over for a couple of hours. It was pretty icy, but I had a lot of fun billygoating down the bumps on Purgatory, Blazes and Hades. I’m still not very elegant on moguls, but I’m finally starting to enjoy them.

On Monday night I took a friend up for a lesson, and while she learned to turn I skied fast laps from the Peak down Deliverance and Expo. A band of fog was wrapped around the upper part of the mountain, and the snow changed from icy at the top to soft and fun lower down. I love night skiing; there’s something so ethereal and otherworldly about being on a snow-covered mountain in the dark. I worked on just letting go and letting the skis run, and then hitting that perfect unison of body and ski in strong carved turns. I hope that these technique improvements are lasting, and not just a fluke on my last couple of outings.

I’m really happy to have the Y2Play pass. Grouse is so immediately accessible, and I’m already enjoying having the option of grabbing a couple of hours of skiing here and there when I can. In spite of the snow showers that have fallen on downtown Vancouver this week, spring is just around the corner and the season’s end is getting closer. I want to make the most of every day we have left.

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