Stoked for Superheroes

Fall is in the air. There’s a lingering chill in the mornings, small drifts of golden leaves gathering against curbs, a hint of mist hovering around the downtown skyscrapers at the start of the day. Now that I live near the mountains, this time of year is filled with an almost unbearable sense of anticipation. I’m sorry that summer is done – especially this year, when it passed me by in a fog of nauseated misery – but the air is full of promise for the winter to come.

It reached a fever pitch on Thursday, with the start of ski movie season. You can always count on MSP, and this year they didn’t disappoint. Huge lines, beautiful sunset shots on the jump I watched them build on Seventh Heaven, touching tributes to the amazing people who have come and gone in a sport that isn’t forgiving when you take it to extremes. Superheroes of Stoke is longer than the typical MSP movie, and yet somehow felt much shorter. It was a perfect balance between paying tribute to those who have gone before, and appreciating the astonishing feats of the current generation of superhero skiers.

Next up, TGR’s Dream Factory. I can’t wait.

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