We: A Collection of Individuals

I always enjoy Poor Boyz movies, but they’re not normally at the top of my winter pic list. I tend to prefer the movies that focus more on backcountry and big mountain skiing than urban or park. There are only so many times I can watch someone slide down the same rail or hit the same jump, however neat the trick they’re pulling off, whereas I never get sick of seeing skiers rip big lines.

Having said that, I thought We was definitely one of Poor Boyz’ better offerings. Leigh Powys’s urban segment got off to a stomach-churning start – a flat landing and blown ACL – but he took jibbing to a whole new level that even I could appreciate. The big mountain cinematography was awesome, and some standout individual performances made up for a slightly lacklustre soundtrack and some rather cheesy dialogue about the importance of skiing with your bros. It was refreshing when Bene Mayr ‘fessed up near the end that he actually likes skiing alone, and the solitude of those moments with the mountain. That said, I’d be the first to admit that there’s never a better beer than the one you lift with your ski buddies at the end of an epic day on the white stuff.

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