Choose Your Adventure

My latest download was Choose Your Adventure by the Powderwhores. It’s kind of funny that when I watch these things at home, I keep finding myself wishing for a larger television. Our current model is a 37″ HD, which isn’t exactly small, and I only use it for watching ski movies, offensive cartoons and the occasional zombie flick. We watch a handful of hours of TV each month and haven’t had cable in years.

But CYA did make me wish for a larger screen. This is a movie with heart. TGR and MSP movies are awesome, year in and year out. You know without a doubt that they’re going to provide big lines, heartstopping falls, and deeply moving moments like the In Deep Shane McConkey tribute or the CR Johnson interview in Seven Sunny Days. But what they rarely provide, in spite of each year’s effort to create a unifying theme for the movie and have some of the athletes reflect on it, are true stories. CYA is packed with them: intriguing, eccentric characters whose love for the snow is somewhere beyond rational. Sure, it also has the epic turns, the deep powder, and the unbelievable shots of skiers slashing slopes above the Antarctic ocean. But they’re almost secondary to the people in this movie, and that’s a refreshing change.

So far, this is my pick of the year. But there are a lot of movies still to come.

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