Groomer days

Snow was in short supply the last little while. But the sun came out, the temperature inverted, and with some time off to use up before starting a new job I got in three glorious days on the groomers.

InukshukGroomers are absolutely not my number one choice for skiing these days, but it was fast and fun and more than anything else, it was good to get the time in on snow after another lengthy period out sick.

A few nights later I went up to Grouse, where the snow was icy boilerplate in spite of an inversion that had the temperature at 9 degrees even after dark. It was worth the terrible skiing to be up there at night, high above the blanket of cloud that pulsed white and orange and blue and purple with the lights of the city below.

There are good days skiing and great days skiing, but there are truly no bad days skiing. If you have planks on your feet and snow to slide on, you’re in a good place.

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