I sold my Soul for a Bad Boy

With biking season rapidly approaching, I’d been pondering some changes to the bike stable. Since I added the full suspension ETSX at the start of last winter I’ve been conscious that there’s a lot of redundancy between that and the hardtail, and the poor Soul was relegated to commuter bike status. As commuters go it did a good job – the front suspension made for a very comfortable ride – but was unquestionably slow and heavy.

With a new job meaning that I’ll be spending more time visiting different work locations, the idea of a faster and lighter commuter started to make a lot more sense. I also liked the idea that I’d be able to head straight out from work for longer road rides without having to come home first to switch bikes.¬†And so this past week, I sold the Soul – not without a significant wrench, since I was very attached to it – and used the proceeds to pick up a Cannondale Bad Boy 9.

Cannondale Bad Boy 9I wasn’t sold on any particular model and had about a half-dozen on my test riding shortlist, but the Bad Boy checked every box and was in the lower end of the decent quality hybrid price bracket. I particularly like the downhill riding position, and it has my one commuting non-negotiable: disk brakes.

So far the Bad Boy and I have clocked around 120km together, and I’m extremely happy with it. There’s no question that the rigid fork makes for a harsher ride, but it’s also fast and light while feeling quite different than my road bike. I don’t have the same sense of overlap that I had with the two downhill bikes.

More to come on the Bad Boy once we’ve had longer to get to know one another, but I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

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