Spartan Sprint

It’s mud run season!

Spartan Sprint finisher!

The Spartan Sprint, like last year’s Warrior Dash, was located on Mount Seymour. However unlike the Warrior Dash, which took place in 30+ degree heat later in the summer, the Spartan Sprint came with a lot of snow that the organizers helpfully incorporated into large sections of the course.

From the start line we launched straight into a dash through knee-deep, heavily churned up snow  all the way to Mystery Peak and back. The sandbag carry and rock drag were both located in this part of the course; the rock drag (which we dubbed “walking your pet brick”) was significantly more challenging given that every time you stopped or slowed, the concrete block would start disappearing into the snow. The snow definitely added an extra element of challenge to the course, although as a non-runner it  also made the first part way easier on my knees. It did feel very strange to be plunge-stepping on foot down slopes that I know so well on skis.

Spartan Sprint start

My cranky shoulder, which seems to be deteriorating daily at the moment, precluded much of an effort on the monkey bars but wasn’t as much of a problem as I’d feared on other obstacles. The snowmelt had left the lower part of the course muddy and slippery, and we saw some nasty tumbles on the high wall. The cargo scramble was excellent fun, and I was very surprised when my spear throw successfully nailed a hay bale and spared me an additional 50 burpees. The barbed wire crawl was an uncomfortable wallow through very rocky, gravely mud, followed by a failed rope climb (50 burpees) and a flying leap over a wood fire to the gladiators at the finish line.

Battling gladiators at the Spartan Sprint

Once again we had an excellent time, and were inspired enough to sign up for the 7 Summits Adventure Race in Washington state this fall, which looks to be on a whole different level than the obstacle races we’ve done so far. I need to do a whole bunch more running between now and then, and also do something about getting my shoulder back on track.

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