The first snow

The rains continued for what felt like days and days, and then one morning last week I woke up to clear blue skies and mountaintops dusted white. I’ve been in Vancouver nearly ten years now, and never seen snow on the North Shore this early in the season.

Snowy Lions, Howe Sound Crest Trail

In the late morning we drove up to the Cypress ski area parking lot and went for a quick uphill hike on a newly resurfaced stretch of the Howe Sound Crest Trail to the Bowen Lookout, where two large ravens and a collection of whiskeyjacks shared our lunch while we admired the views of Howe Sound and the gleaming new snowline.

Bowen viewpoint, Howe Sound Crest Trail

The resurfaced trail took us on through beautiful old growth forest and through a couple of small creeks before deteriorating into a scramble of roots and rock. We could see snow toward the peak of Mount Strachan behind us, and as we crested the ridge a few small patches of white began dotting the trail. It wasn’t until we reached the next climb to St. Mark’s Summit that we reached the snowline proper, but when we did it was so incredibly worth it. We stopped for a mini snowball fight and I made a snow angel on the summit, grinning for all I was worth.

St Mark's Summit, Howe Sound Crews

I couldn’t have asked for a birthday gift any better than this.

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