Seymour peaks

With fall turning rapidly to winter, we managed to catch a rare window of good weather for a hike to the three peaks of Mount Seymour. I’ve been to First Pump a number of times now, but for a variety of reasons had never made it to the other two.

First Pump Peak, Mount SeymourIt was a really enjoyable hike, especially given the weather. It’s right in our back yard, it’s relatively quick with lots of ups and downs, and the terrain is rugged enough to be a lot of fun without quite descending into a full scramble. The views into the Coast Mountains from Third Peak were incredible, and more than worth the extra distance.

Third Peak, Mount Seymour

Third Peak also seemed to be a mecca for birds. As we ate our lunch two ravens staged an elaborate aerial dance near the bluffs, and six eagles soared close overhead. It was a wonderful way to wrap up a great fall hiking season, and make the most of the spell of sustained high pressure that took us into November. Now, though, it’s time for the snow to start flying.

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