Lightning ski movie reviews

I had good intentions of building the reviews section of this blog into something of interest to more folk than just the friends who like to know what I’m up to, a sort of gear-and-related-items guide for folk like me who still have a lot of learning to do. But time seems to have been at a premium lately, and no-one wants to read a review of a ten-year-old downhill bike, so I’ll have to settle for a lightning round of ski movie reviews.

Way of Life, Teton Gravity Research: typical ski porn. Very enjoyable, absolutely nothing to make it stand out from ski porn of the past or ski porn to come.

Into the Mind, Sherpas Cinema: amazing spectacle on the big screen. Totally outstanding cinematography and some fantastic lines. Good effort at digging into the skier’s psyche, but ultimately it was about spectacle rather than storyline.

Valhalla, Sweetgrass Productions: on the small screen, this felt like it spent far too much time on hippy cliches. On the big screen, it felt like a hazy, beautiful dream from which I never wanted to wake up. Lacked the depth and resonance of Solitaire.

Elevation, Powderwhores: an entertaining romp through a variety of different ski worlds. Really appreciated the atypical coverage of things like the skimo brothers.

McConkey, Matchstick Productions: even if you’d never heard of Shane before watching this movie, you’d miss him by the end. A fitting tribute to the man who changed skiing for all of us, forever.

Lets Go Get Small – Official Movie from Peak Performance on Vimeo.
Let’s Go Get Small, Norsemen Productions: my personal pick for movie of the season. This is real in a way that none of the other movies are. To see Henrik Windstedt shaking his head afterwards, saying he’s not sure he’d want to attempt something like that again as Dave Treadway explodes with pure joy: it really lays out in black and white just how far some of these adventurers are going in their own backyards, day in day out, whether the movie cameras are there or not.

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