Elfin skin-a-thon

With no new snow and a vicious arctic outflow keeping the surface bulletproof, C and I decided the past weekend would be a good day to take J and his wife W for a combined snowshoe/ski as far as we could make it along the Elfin Lakes trail. It was a beautiful day for an outing, in spite of a cold wind whipping along the north side of the ridge.

Nearing Elfin Lakes

It was my first time actually inside the hut, and I was impressed with how spacious it was and how good the facilities were. I know it’s pretty hard to guarantee space in this one, but it’s somewhere I definitely wouldn’t mind staying on a future trip. The idea of being able to roll out the door and ski Columnar, Diamond Head or the Gargoyles is pretty appealing.


We made excellent time along the trail back, and were able to watch the moon rising above the Mamquam Icefield. Given the very stable conditions we cut along the summer trail to provide a different perspective, and I was able to show J some of the lines that we’d skied on the last big powder day. It was so great to have her out there with me.

Moonrise over MamquamAbove the meadows C and I transitioned and took one run down over lumpy, crusty, tracked out snow before heading on down with J and W beneath the setting sun. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens as the current storms roll in; with a layer of facets and surface hoar overlying an absolutely bulletproof melt-freeze crust, we could be in for a massive slidey shit show.

End of the day

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