Not according to plan

A couple of weeks ago my friend C and I had intended to spend the weekend participating in our first 24 hour race. But life intervened as it sometimes does, so instead she flew to Vancouver and I promised we’d spend as much of her visit on the trails as possible to make up for the change of plan.

Cass in Squamish

We hooked her up with a little full suspension ETSX-70 from the wonderful West Point Cycles, and after a getting-to-know-the-bike afternoon in Pacific Spirit Park, headed out to Squamish. I’d shown her a video of Half Nelson and we’d decided to make that our first goal. It mostly went very well, minus one slight mishap.

To give C credit, she dusted herself off and rode out the rest of the trail. The next day she took a break to rest her shoulder, which had gotten pretty banged up in the close encounter with the tree, and I went for a quick spin on the Test of Metal course with my ski buddy C and his wife.

Fifty Shades of GreenThe following day C and I headed for the Whistler bike park. It was my first time in the bike park too, and we had an absolute blast. We mostly rode easy greens in the morning in deference to her shoulder, which was still not feeling great, then moved on to some fun blues and small jump lines in the afternoon. I was also able to convert all of my unused Edge card days to bike park tickets, so there will be much more of this to come.

EZ Does ItAll in all we had an excellent few days, and it was great to give C a small glimpse into the world of west coast trail riding. Hopefully she’ll be back in spite of the close encounter with the tree.

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