Heating up

Thursday night in the BC heat wave. An after work Squamish mission with the bikes. A sweaty, lung-searing climb up the endless switchbacks of the legacy trail; an ungainly plunge interspersed with off-the-bike moments down Angry Midget; another broiling climb back up the logging road to Psuedotsuga; happy, hollering turns all the way down to the parking lot.

Ring Creek FSR

It was so much fun that I came back the next day to do it again, this time in baking 32 degree heat in the middle of the day. The legacy climb was even hotter than before, and I was grateful to descend to Half Nelson where the wind of my passage cooled me as I whipped through the trees and over jumps.

Collapse in the shade

The climb back up the fire road was intense, with pockets of shade providing painfully brief relief from the sun. Fortunately the second lap on Half Neson made it all worthwhile. This trail just keeps getting more and more fun as I drop time and gain speed and air on each lap. This time I sped over the road and down Another Man’s Gold, a rolling, loamy trail that took me all the way down the side of the valley to Ring Creek, where I went for a much needed cool down.

Ring CreekAfterwards I’d planned to trundle along the final stretch of the Ring Creek Rip and then take the access road to the car, but after the cold plunge I felt a lot better and I ended up riding back up to Pseudotsuga for a final run. In total I managed 2,400m of elevation gain over 33km on the two hottest days of the year so far, which left me exhausted but incredibly happy. The Half Nelson addiction shows no signs of letting up yet.

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