Exit the Prestige

A couple of weeks ago I rode the Tour de Whatcom. This was one of my favourite cycling events last summer, and this year didn’t disappoint. Once again it was a relaxed, fun ride with a friendly crowd, and the added bonus that the route had been altered to finish with the rolling curves and beautiful views of Chuckanut Drive. Unfortunately, it also marked the return of a much less welcome part of last summer: crippling shoulder pain.

This brought me to a decision point. The shoulder has been completely settled recently; in fact the only times I’ve experienced pain from it this year have been the days that I’ve ridden the road bike. There’s nothing else we can do to dial in the fit at this point, and it’s become undeniable that the source of the problem is the more aggressive forward riding position.

So it’s time to say goodbye. I’m sad about this. The Prestige and I have had some excellent adventures together, and there’s no question that at one time it was my dream bike. But it’s also true that that time has passed, and that long-distance road cycling is no longer my priority. When I dream about bikes these days, their wheels are always on dirt. Prestige on Chuckanut Drive

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