More, now, again

Monday: a hot morning on Fromme knocking out laps on the lower mountainĀ and checking out the new Expresso. I surprised myself by being able to ride about 90% of it; obviously it’s no longer an old-school Shore black, although it retains a few stunts. There were more technical spots than I was expecting based on descriptions I’d heard, but nothing unmanageable and overall it was a lot of fun.

ExpressoWednesday: an after-work Squamish mission. Leaving downtown at 5pm gets us to the Ring Creek FSR in time for two solid laps. Trying for a third was a mistake; in the gathering darkness I missed seeing the branch that snagged my handlebars and whipped them around as I rode onto the final stretch of Pseudotsuga. My elbow and knee pads did their job but the boulder I landed on bruised everything in between. Fortunately it was a beautiful night and the riding more than made up for the tumble. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the views on the climb to Half Nelson.

Ring Creek FSRFriday: day off and bike park! The weeks of cloudless skies have taken a bit of a toll on some of the trails, with B-Line and Heart of Darkness looking particularly beat up. Fortunately the Flatline proved up to the task of handling the washboards, and the lower half of Crank It Up was in much better shape. It was a day of heat and dust and sweat and airtime, and I’m fairly sure I didn’t stop grinning all the way home.

Bike park friendsI can’t get enough of this right now. I’m trying to give myself a day off to let the bruises from my fall on Wednesday recover a bit, but all I want is to be out riding.

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