Epic rides

On Friday I headed to Whistler with Epic Rides. I’d been meaning to try this company on my next solo outing, since at $35 it’s considerably cheaper than round trip gas. It was an excellent service – prompt, comfortable and quick, with no extra charge for bringing the bike. I do enjoy the early morning drives with the tunes cranked and a leisurely breakfast stop at Galileo, but this was far more cost effective.

And then: dust and dirt and sunshine and sweat and a bike that flies. More speed, more air, the bike easily clearing big doubles and touching down on the other side like I’d never left the ground at all. Huge berms and staggering views in the Garbo zone. It’s all about being in the air on this bike, looking for every opportunity to get the wheels off the ground and go higher, faster, longer. It’s a joyride from the first moment to the last.

It’s funny that I fell in love with Whistler in the summer right after I fell out of love with it in the winter. The ski resort holds no appeal for me anymore, except as a means of accessing the backcountry. The crowding and gouging is too much. But the bike park? It’s still not that cheap, but it’s cheaper; and it’s not that crowded in comparison. Not at all. And for someone like me, who’s still learning, the opportunity to bang out laps and just keep working, working, working on skills is pretty great. The only thing I miss is the uphill.

Heart of Darkness, Whistler

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