Light years

Ring Creek/MashiterIt feels like summer is drawing to a close, even though there’s still warmth in the midday sun and the skies are clear and blue. All of September’s anniversaries are rolling around, making me remember that I wasn’t always as lucky as this, that the days used to be duller and greyer and I did too. There have been too many reminders lately that life is short, that there will never be time enough to do it all.

Squamish lightAnd so in these golden days at the end of summer I go out into the beautiful places with my bike, looking for light, looking for speed, always trying to go higher and faster and further out. Seeing how far above it all or how deep into the wilderness I can pedal; finding descents so fast and flowing that everything disappears into a wild, grinning joyride and there’s nothing else to think about, at least for a little while.

Grouse on a bike

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