Full Nelson

This was the summer of Half Nelson, the wild, grinning joyride through the trees that makes every other trail pale in comparison. And what better way to head into fall than with a few laps on the legacy climb, followed by a first visit to Half Nelson’s big brother?

Full Nelson

Full Nelson was everything I expected. Steeper berms, tighter turns, bigger jumps. Soaring, swooping fun from beginning to end. I wrapped up the day with a run down Pseudotsuga 1 and 2, climb back to Tinder, and then a final jello-legged descent on Pseudotsuga 3. I hadn’t realised that Tinder was a connector, so my poor weary quads – 1,700 vertical metres into the afternoon – weren’t prepared to deal with any more climbing at that point. It didn’t matter. It was glorious.


Summer is well and truly over now, and the steady rain that soaked my final lap was a reminder that before long the temperature will be dropping, the storms will be rolling in, and the long wait for ski season will be over. Until it gets here, I’m just going to keep on riding.

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