It’s been a while.

I lost heart this winter. We kept hoping the cycle would break, but it never did. When the clouds came, temperatures kept the precipitation liquid all the way up to 3,000m+.  When the temperatures fell, it stayed dry and all of that rain turned to bulletproof ice. We eked out a day here and a day there, but in the sad excuse for a winter that was 2014/15 the snowline never dropped.

Low snow

I’ve still got a few stories to tell – a write-up of an excellent stay at the Journeyman Lodge, and our first major backcountry injury and extraction – but really, when I spent more time carrying my skis on my back than I did with them on my feet, it wasn’t the most inspiring time.

However the biking has been quite excellent recently, so it’s time to get the show back on the road.

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