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We’re so stupidly blessed here. Really, it’s silly. This absolute abundance of riches, summer and winter. I used to spend my years saving up the time and money for a brief week or two’s access to the place I’ve been lucky enough to call home for a decade.

The North Shore alone has enough bike trails to keep any serious biker happy for a lifetime. But there’s so much more that it’s almost criminal not to go out and explore. This summer, with a new bike raring to go, that was one of my goals. And so explore we did.


Galbraith, Washington. Incredibly fun trails that were the perfect mix of fun, flowy, jumpy and technical. Favourites: Atomic Dog, U-Line, SST.

Cat Lake views

Section 57 bridge

Section 57 switchbacks

Cat Lake. Section 57 is my new favourite trail, one of the most diverse I’ve ever ridden both for the riding and the landscape. Steep switchbacks, lush microvalleys, small jumps, fast rolling terrain, steep descents, log rides and bridges – it has absolutely everything.

Lorax trailhead

Bear Mountain on a baking day. Lorax was clearly cut from the same incredibly fun cloth as Asian Adonis; Super Bear was a Half Nelson-style joyride through the woods.

Riding the Sunshine CoastSprockids woodworkSprockids, on the day when for no reason at all I decided to change direction, put my bike on a ferry, and go ride on the Sunshine Coast for a while. Excellent flowy fun lower down the mountain transitioned to very steep technical riding on the upper trails, along with a godawful push up an abandoned skidder road to reach the top of Mount Elphinstone. There was probably a better way, but it made me happy regardless.


Vancouver Island’s Hartland in the pouring, pouring rain.

Ah, this place we live in. It’s the best.

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